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Lawyer Profile of Jessica Farrar

Jessica Farrar received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Houston and her Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Texas School of Law. In addition, she has served since 1995 in the Texas House of Representatives crafting legislation in the areas of family, probate, business, construction, criminal, health, environment, taxes, insurance, and immigration, among the various other areas that state law reaches. Having served on the committees that hear countless hours of testimony on legislation in these areas has provided her a seat at the table as the law evolves. This unique experience has provided her with a comprehensive perception of the different sides of an issue, and a deep understanding of the legislative and policy intents of the law.
In recent legislative sessions, Jessica has focused on legislation to help individuals and families transfer assets upon the death of a loved one. Many Texans do not have wills. For those that do, the probate of a will in the courts can be costly and time consuming. To reduce the worry of individuals, as well as their surviving family, she passed legislation to transfer the two main assets of many Texans, their home and their car. The Transfer on Death Deed and the Vehicle Transfer on Death Deed allow Texans to sign over these assets effective upon their death, outside of the probate process. Additionally, she has passed legislation requiring more comprehensive disclosures by banks to ensure that more Texans utilize payable on death bank account services. Similarly, the balances in these accounts transfer to beneficiaries outside of the probate process, something that families often need right away when dealing with funerary and estate expenses of a loved one.
Jessica has had the honor and privilege of representing hundreds of thousands of constituents at the Texas Capitol over two decades. This experience has given her broad insight, empathy, and concern for the issues that Texans face in their daily lives. To address their needs, she has developed a wide range of advocacy skills and tactics dependent upon the strategy best suited to the present situation.
Originally intending to follow in her father’s footsteps to become an architect, Jessica’s path changed when she answered a newspaper advertisement for volunteers at Houston’s City Hall. Responding to the calls of citizens in need, especially those without knowledge of government systems or with language barriers, sparked a passion that continues to this day. Advocacy is Jessica’s highest calling, whether at the state house or in the courthouse.

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