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Mediation may make divorce easier to navigate

No matter how hard two people in Texas may try to make their marriage work, sometimes it simply cannot happen. However, that does not mean that going through a potentially nasty divorce is unavoidable. Mediation is an alternative to divorce litigation that may help make the divorce process much more palatable for all parties involved.

During mediation, two divorcing spouses meet with a third party to put together innovative agreements that work for both of them, as well as their children. The couple may use the mediation process to explore all their options when it comes to matters such as property division, and they may also address family and individual goals. They may also discuss what they personally believe is fair when it comes to topics such as alimony, for example.

Divorce may stem from particular personality traits

On their wedding day, two people in Texas may look forward to spending many years together. In many cases, though, they cannot make their marriages last long term. Sometimes, divorce is unavoidable due to problems stemming from the particular personality traits of one or both of the spouses. Here is a look at a few personality traits that could cause a marriage to fail down the road.

One problematic personality trait is the inclination to blow things out of proportion. If one spouse constantly catastrophizes small problems, this can lead to the erosion of the marriage. In many of these situations, the incidents being catastrophized are not major at all. However, anxiety or depression may magnify them, thus causing them to seem worse than they actually are.

Dating after divorce may have profound impact on children

Dissolving a marriage in Texas can be challenging for the entire family going through the process. However, the children may especially take the divorce hard. Here is a glimpse at how a divorcing parent can help to ease the transition for his or her children, particularly if he or she ends up finding a new partner following the marital breakup.

Parents who suddenly discover new loves following their marital dissolutions may be excited for these other parties to meet their children. However, children generally do not process divorce as quickly as parents do. In fact, some children may hope that their divorced parents will reunite at some point. For this reason, children might not be emotionally ready to meet either of their parents' new partners.

Divorce doesn't have to negatively impact school year

Embarking on a new year of school in Texas can spark a wide range of emotions, from excitement to apprehension. It can be particular unsettling and stressful for children who are experiencing the divorce of their parents at the same time. Divorcing parents, however, can help their children to confidently transition to the new school year by keeping the lines of communication open with them.

Earning good grades is an extremely essential part of going to school. However, students also use the school year to explore sports, participate in extracurricular activities, and essentially practice how to cope with even the most uncomfortable of situations. Parents play a major role in this, which is why it is wise for divorcing parents to take time to talk to their children about their aims for the current school year.

Can sharing a bed with your spouse be bad for your marriage?

Sharing the same bed with your spouse may seem like an obvious ingredient for a happy marriage. Sleeping side by side creates intimacy and companionship. It provides opportunity for romance as well as the comfort of a good snuggle.

The benefits of spending each night beside your partner may seem like a no-brainer. It’s how the media portrays all stable married couples. In fact, many couples would consider the prospect of sleeping separately as a red flag for their marriage.

Child custody can be complex for military parents

It can be painstaking when members of the armed forces face long periods away from their children. Either away on training or deployed somewhere overseas, it can weigh down on relationships. Under strain, the family can break up and potentially face divorce and child custody arrangements.

If you happen to find yourself in this position, here are some things you should know.

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