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Considering a military divorce? Here’s what you need to know

Getting a divorce can be a complex process, especially for a military family. It is important to remember that military divorces are not necessarily harder to get than regular divorces. They just require a couple to take more legal issues into consideration.

One of the biggest issues in military divorces involves “jurisdiction.” Jurisdiction means that a court must have the legal authority to grant a divorce between you and your spouse. One of the main requirements of jurisdiction involves where a spouse files for a divorce.

Mismatched level of attractiveness may spark divorce

A variety of issues can contribute to the dissolution of a marriage, ranging from infidelity to financial troubles, but research shows that level of attractiveness can also be a contributing factor in Texas. According to experts, men who decide to marry women who are a lot more alluring compared with them are more likely to get a divorce. Research indicates that this is because the wives may be less committed to them than the men are to their wives.

According to researchers, people are typically drawn to other people who are far more attractive. Still, they usually realize how attractive they are on the beauty spectrum and thus whom they will likely attract. As a result, many maintain relationships and marriages with similarly matched people.

Divorce can impact New Year celebration

The New Year may elicit feelings of both excitement and apprehension for individuals in Texas. This may be especially true for someone who is navigating the divorce process during this holiday. Fortunately, these types of individuals can take some steps to keep the start of 2019 as enjoyable as possible in spite of their divorce situations.

First, those going through the dissolution of a marriage may benefit from being intentional about how they plan to spend the New Year. For instance, the parents of minor children can plan activities to do with the children, which can help them to create meaningful experiences together. Those who do not have children can get caught up on special projects they have not had time to do for a while, or they may take some time to rest.

Use of social media can lead to divorce

Individuals in Texas might decide to divorce for any number of reasons. For example, maybe they believe they do not feel as connected today as they used to be, which may mean it is time to get a divorce. Part of the reason for this lack of connection in many situations might be the use of social media.

In some divorce situations, social media either causes two spouses to split or contributes to their breakup. For instance, some people may find out through social media that their spouses have been having affairs with others online. Meanwhile, others may find out that their spouses are communicating with individuals whom they do not necessarily want their spouses to be in communication with, such as exes.

Gray divorce may lead to special challenges

Dissolving a marital union in Texas can present challenges for people of all ages. However, those over the age of 50 face special challenges that their younger counterparts simply do not encounter following divorce. A couple of these challenges involve health insurance and long-term care.

Regarding health insurance, those who had insurance through their spouses' employers while they were married can maintain this insurance through COBRA. The coverage can last up to 36 months. However, the premiums will increase since they have to pay the portions of the premiums that their employers were previously paying. If newly divorced individuals cannot take advantage of COBRA, they have no choice but to look for their own insurance. Unfortunately, they may have a hard time securing insurance at their age if they have pre-existing health issues.

Some parents dealing with child custody turn to birdnesting

Ending a marital union in Texas can be difficult in the best of situations. This is particularly true if those who are going through divorce have minor children, meaning they have to figure out how to deal with child custody. For some parents, they have found a solution in a process called birdnesting, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

Birdnesting is an arrangement where two divorcing parents decide to keep the marital home and then rotate living there with their children. The parent who is not living with the children at any given time can live in his or her own separate house. In fact, the parents could even share their second home so that only two homes are needed to make this arrangement possible.

Divorce during deployment: What you need to know

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes a servicemember or a spouse decides to get a divorce while on deployment. What are your options?

When contemplating a divorce, the first hurdle is the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), which protects members overseas on active duty from civil lawsuits over loans, leases and other legalities. The idea is to allow active servicemembers the ability to focus on their duties rather than problems on the home front.

Financial mistakes can be detrimental following divorce

The dissolution of a marriage in Texas can be costly in a number of ways. In addition to taking an emotional toll on a spouse, it can unfortunately take a financial toll, too. Here is a glimpse at a couple of financial mistakes that people make following divorce and why avoiding these mistakes is so important.

First, people who have just gotten divorced may be tempted to engage in retail therapy to soften the blow of the divorce process. This may involve, for example, running out and purchasing brand-new cars to represent their newfound freedom. However, new automobiles and other items may have a negative impact on their financial situations.

Mediation may make divorce easier to navigate

No matter how hard two people in Texas may try to make their marriage work, sometimes it simply cannot happen. However, that does not mean that going through a potentially nasty divorce is unavoidable. Mediation is an alternative to divorce litigation that may help make the divorce process much more palatable for all parties involved.

During mediation, two divorcing spouses meet with a third party to put together innovative agreements that work for both of them, as well as their children. The couple may use the mediation process to explore all their options when it comes to matters such as property division, and they may also address family and individual goals. They may also discuss what they personally believe is fair when it comes to topics such as alimony, for example.

Divorce may stem from particular personality traits

On their wedding day, two people in Texas may look forward to spending many years together. In many cases, though, they cannot make their marriages last long term. Sometimes, divorce is unavoidable due to problems stemming from the particular personality traits of one or both of the spouses. Here is a look at a few personality traits that could cause a marriage to fail down the road.

One problematic personality trait is the inclination to blow things out of proportion. If one spouse constantly catastrophizes small problems, this can lead to the erosion of the marriage. In many of these situations, the incidents being catastrophized are not major at all. However, anxiety or depression may magnify them, thus causing them to seem worse than they actually are.

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