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Prepping for divorce may lead to positive outcome

Getting divorced can be tricky and thus intimidating for any individual in Texas. However, the more prepared a person is for divorce, the more confidently he or she is likely to approach this complex process. Here are a few tips for tackling divorce effectively from the start.

First, it is helpful for individuals who are getting divorced to be able to access credit and cash in their own names. They may also want to change their passwords and personal identification numbers if there is a chance that their future exes could access this credit or cash. If they do suspect that something is off financially, they may want to document what they see using screenshot texts, for example.

Divorce remains a challenge for many despite falling divorce rate

The rate of marital dissolution appears to be on a downward trajectory across the United States, including in Texas. Research shows that divorce has receded during the past three decades. However, it remains enough of a challenge today that young adults especially are putting marriage on hold longer.

According to research, 40% of people's first marriages end in marital breakups, and this figure is 60% for second marriages. Many young adults appear to be apprehensive about divorcing after experiencing their parents' divorces firsthand. For this reason, they have a greater likelihood of remaining unmarried and instead cohabiting compared with other age groups. Unfortunately, researchers said that this can actually increase a person's chances of getting divorced in the future.

Child custody situations do not have to be acrimonious

Getting divorced can be challenging in many ways, especially if the two spouses must co-parent after the divorce has been finalized. Although some child custody situations and co-parenting relationships are relatively smooth, others can be plagued with acrimony. Still, some tips might help to make the co-parenting process easier for divorced couples in Texas.

First, it would behoove divorced parents to develop guidelines for their relationship as they enter the co-parenting phase. For instance, it might be helpful to establish boundaries that are clear, as well as engage in open dialogue as necessary. In addition, being consistent in how they parent and in the household rules they use in their homes is critical.

Discussing the benefits of a prenup with your future spouse

Getting ready to tie the knot with the love of your life is certainly an exciting time. You may be trying to nail down final details about the big day and ensuring that everything will go as you hope. Of course, you know that you cannot predict the future and that unexpected events could happen at any time, but you do your best to prepare for those moments nonetheless.

Because you want to be prepared for certain possibilities, you have likely thought about creating a prenuptial agreement. If you are hesitating to bring up this subject with your soon-to-be spouse, it is understandable. After all, you do not want him or her to take the idea the wrong way and feel as if you do not trust your future spouse or that you expect the marriage to end.

Tips may help individuals getting a divorce during retirement

Getting divorced in the middle of retirement can have a major impact on a retirement plan. The retirement assets might have to be divided between the two parties. In addition, one of the spouses may have to pay alimony, particularly if the marriage lasted a long time. Here are important to steps to protect one's best interests during a Texas divorce that happens during retirement.

First, it is wise to investigate one's Social Security benefits as a result of the divorce. Those getting divorced later in life may also want to find out about the retirement benefits to which they are entitled following the divorce. Another important step for these individuals is to figure out how to divide their household goods and other personal property.

Divorce: Can it place an immigration legal status at risk?

Many households in Texas include married couples where one person is a U.S. citizen and the other is not. In fact, many immigrants use their marriages as bases to apply for green cards. Sometimes, the U.S. government suspects married couples of fraud, meaning they entered marriage for the sole purpose of helping the non-citizen spouse obtain permanent residency in the United States. Couples whose relationships are legitimate may also still encounter legal status challenges, especially if they later divorce.

If an immigrant's eligibility for a green card is based on marriage and that marriage is dissolved, he or she may be at risk for deportation. However, in certain circumstances, the spouse in question may still qualify for a waiver. For instance, if deportation would create extreme hardship, it may be possible to avoid removal.

Approaching divorce with confidence is possible with preparation

When two people in Texas decide to get divorced, they may think about how the process will impact all parties involved. This is particularly true for those with young children. However, taking a couple of key steps may help them to approach the divorce process with confidence from day one.

First, it is important to be as financially prepared as possible before commencing a divorce proceeding. This includes having a strong understanding of the family's finances. Those who are not knowledgeable about their financial situations may benefit from gathering up-to-date information from their financial documents, ranging from account statements to recent tax returns.

Red flags may point to hidden assets during divorce

When two people in Texas decide to get divorced, it is not uncommon for one party to fear that the other party is hiding assets. Unfortunately, many spouses do not know where to start when it comes to discovering concealed community property. Here are a couple of red flags that may indicate that a soon-to-be-ex is hiding assets that are subject to division during a divorce proceeding.

First, the future ex-spouse may develop a sudden passion for antiques or art. In this situation, it might be helpful to begin investigating what these new collectibles are truly worth. The reality is, some spouses might claim that they stumbled across mostly worthless paintings at yard sales when they actually siphoned off money to pay for expensive pieces of art.

Military divorce: On a decline but still a prevalent issue

There are many active military service members in Texas, many of whom are at Fort Hood and other bases throughout the state. Some military families choose to live off base. It is debatable whether one lifestyle is more beneficial than the other.

Either way, military life can put a strain on your marriage; however, in the past 10 years, the rate of military divorce has been on a steady but slow decline.

Certain steps may make divorce process simpler

The process of getting divorced no doubt comes with many challenges. This is particularly the case in situations where those who are getting divorced have young children. However, a few tips may help people to make the divorce process easier for themselves and their families in Texas.

First, it is critical that those going through divorce are aware of their financial situations. For instance, it is important they know all of the assets that are part of their marital estates. They should also ideally have a strong grasp of their finances. It is imperative that they additionally focus on keeping their children feeling as safe and secure as possible in light of the circumstances.

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