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Key strategies to help avoid co-parenting stress

When you and your ex were married, did you often argue about your children? Perhaps, you have very different parenting styles, which sometimes created a challenge when you needed to negotiate something. For instance, maybe your spouse always wanted to allow your children to eat their supper in the family room while they watched their favorite shows on TV, but you preferred to gather at the table like many Texas families do.

Seemingly minor issues could lead to serious relationship problems if the parents involved have trouble amicably communicating with each other. If these or other issues led to your divorce, you may be at risk for frequent co-parenting conflict. To avoid post-divorce stress, there are several helpful tips to keep in mind.

Saving money during and after divorce is possible

One of the most challenging aspects of getting divorced in Texas is figuring out how the financial piece of the puzzle. This is true whether divorcing individuals have a vast number of assets or are on the lower end of the net-worth totem pole. Fortunately, taking a few steps can help divorcing individuals to feel more in control of their finances following divorce.

First, it is expedient for people who are going through divorce to create budgets. They may not necessarily stick to their budgets religiously during or after the divorce process. However, having a good idea of where their money is being spent may help them to spend their money more wisely.

Mediation process may make divorce less stressful

When people decided to get divorced in Texas, they may understandably worry about how contentious the process will be. The reality is that divorce does not have to be a hostile event if both spouses are willing to take advantage of mediation, a process by which they can negotiate in a fair manner. However, for mediation to work, it is paramount that the two spouses are willing to try to resolve their differences together.

Mediation is a process where two divorcing individuals work with a mediator who is neutral. The goal of mediation is to mitigate conflict while still allowing both parties to communicate their priorities and concerns. For instance, they can discuss their wishes regarding matters such as child custody, visitation, asset distribution and alimony.

Divorce settlement and trial are very different scenarios

When two people decide to get divorced in Texas, they have a couple of options. One, they could try to resolve their issues on their own through negotiation or an alternative dispute resolution process, such as mediation. Two, they could proceed to divorce trial. Here is a glimpse at what divorcing couples can expect in both situations when it comes to time and stress.

First, a divorce trial may take one year to complete, whereas the divorce settlement process could take just a few months. For this reason, if two divorcing individuals would like to complete the divorce process as rapidly as possible, settling outside of the court is the best option. However, if the two individuals doubt that they will be able to see eye to eye on divorce matters like child custody, it would be wise to simply move forward with divorce trial to avoid fruitless negotiations.

Parents going through divorce can help their children with it

The process of getting divorced can take a toll on the children. How they react to the divorce process ultimately depends on their personalities as well as how the divorce proceedings unfold. Here are some tips for helping to keep children as unscathed as possible by a divorce in Texas.

First, it make sense to tell the kids what's going on before the divorce proceedings begin. Waiting until the divorce has been finalized may not give the children adequate time to process the changes they will be going through before they make the transition to post-divorce life. A child psychologist or family therapist may be able to offer guidance on the best way to address this with the children.

Preparing for your USCIS interview

If you are involved in any immigration process through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, you may want to prepare for the possibility that you will face an interview by an officer of that agency. Many of the immigration processes, including the process of seeking permanent residency, involve personal interviews, and these are often stressful and critical to the outcome of your case.

The best way to overcome any anxiety you may feel about your interview is to prepare yourself as thoroughly as possible. This often involves taking some simple steps on the day of your interview, but it also may mean more intense preparation and dealing with any potential issues that may arise during your conversation with immigration agents.

Divorce process involves splitting assets between spouses

Dissolving a marriage can have a drastic impact on a person's finances no matter what his or her net worth may be. For this reason, it is imperative that people who are contemplating divorce have a good idea about what will happen to their assets during the marital dissolution process. Here is a glimpse at what they can expect during the divorce process in Texas.

The marital estate of a couple includes assets such as real estate, investments, debts and cars that the two parties accumulated while married. Because Texas is a community property state, all of these assets and debts must be divided equally during the divorce process -- or 50/50. Only a handful of states following this property division principle, whereas most states divide marital property in a manner that a judge considers to be equitable, or fair. In these other states, the division of property may not necessarily be down the middle.

Assuming household CFO role is necessary after divorce

Managing finances can understandably be tricky during any stage of life. However, it can be particularly challenging during and after the divorce process in Texas. Here are a couple of tips that may help divorcing individuals to successfully assume the role of chief financial officer during and following their marital breakups.

First, it is best to remain as calm and neutral as possible when tackling finances in divorce proceedings. This is because objective decisions are required to achieve a fair and comprehensive result, particularly when children are part of the mix. Staying calm may help to focus on using logic, rather than emotions, to address these important issues.

January is nicknamed Divorce Month

With the holidays in the rearview mirror now, many individuals in Texas are already making plans for the new year. For some of these individuals, getting a divorce is at the top of the list. It is for this reason that January is often called Divorce Month among legal experts.

The first part of January is especially a popular time for new divorce filings. In fact, research shows that the subject of divorce ended up peaking between Jan. 6 and Jan. 12 of 2018. In addition, on the social media site of Pinterest, searches related to divorce parties increased about 21% on average between December and January of 2019.

Truths about divorce may help with preparing for this process

No two couples' marital dissolution situations in Texas will be the same. However, one thing is for certain: divorce is a messy and difficult process both emotionally and financially. Here are some important truths about ending a marriage that any individual headed toward divorce would benefit from knowing.

First, two spouses' process of getting divorced may mirror their marriage. For instance, perhaps both parties fought often during their marriage. Chances are that their divorce process will not be extremely peaceful. The reality is, if the two individuals did not communicate well when they were married, they will likely still struggle to do this as they work to end their marriage.

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