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Divorce may stem from particular personality traits

On their wedding day, two people in Texas may look forward to spending many years together. In many cases, though, they cannot make their marriages last long term. Sometimes, divorce is unavoidable due to problems stemming from the particular personality traits of one or both of the spouses. Here is a look at a few personality traits that could cause a marriage to fail down the road.

One problematic personality trait is the inclination to blow things out of proportion. If one spouse constantly catastrophizes small problems, this can lead to the erosion of the marriage. In many of these situations, the incidents being catastrophized are not major at all. However, anxiety or depression may magnify them, thus causing them to seem worse than they actually are.

In other situations, one of the spouses might be highly materialistic. Researchers have discovered that a marriage can easily suffer due to one party’s desire to purchase more items than the other one wishes to buy. Yet another personality trait that may lead to divorce is argument avoidance. If one or even both spouses try to avoid arguments by not talking to each other, their unresolved problems will only kill their relationship over time.

No matter how hard two spouses may try to work out their differences, sometimes they have no choice but to get divorced. Still, they can try to keep their marital breakup as amicable as possible by tackling issues like property division at the negotiation table rather than proceeding to trial. A divorce attorney in Texas can provide a spouse with guidance during the negotiation process, ensuring that his or her rights and best interests are upheld from start to finish.