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Child custody: Tips for co-parenting

Although parents can separate for a myriad of reasons, the primary concern of both parents is usually the safety and well-being of their children. Working out a suitable child custody arrangement becomes a top priority when parents divorce. These days, more and more parents in Texas are choosing co-parenting. Co-parenting, or shared parenting, is an arrangement where separated parents assume equal responsibility in raising the children, like a partnership. Here are some helpful tips for divorced parents who are considering shared parenting.

It is vital to keep the marriage out of parenting. If there are unresolved issues from the marriage, never drag them into parenting the children. Instead, find friends or family to talk with or, better yet, a counselor. Set a good example for the kids, and always make their needs a top priority. The well-being of the children should always factor into any decision.

It is also very important to remain supportive of the other parent, especially when children are present. A break-up is devastating to children because their family has been torn apart. Having a healthy relationship with the other parent will provide a sense of stability for children. Also, don’t rely solely on the other parent. Have a support system of reliable family or friends for backup.

Parents only want the best for their kids. By putting differences aside and working together, separated parents can provide a stable, loving environment for their children. Shared parenting is becoming a common arrangement throughout the country, but child custody laws will vary from state to state. Those in Texas who have questions about the legal ramifications of child custody should consult an attorney experienced in family law.