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Child support amounts can be altered post divorce

Dissolving a marriage is not a simple, straightforward process, particularly when young children are going through the process, too. The reality is that every family is different, so naturally, families do not approach the issue of child custody exactly the same. Nonetheless, noncustodial parents are usually required to provide child support to custodial parents, as this allows both parents to share in the cost of supporting the children. Two facts are essential to consider when navigating the issue of child support during divorce in Texas.

First, it is possible to modify a child support amount that the court previously determined. This is because the paying spouse may suddenly become disabled and thus unable to continue working. In addition, a paying spouse might suddenly fall into financial trouble due to losing a job. Alternatively, a paying spouse may receive an inheritance or even boost his or her income substantially. These situations have an impact on the child support amount being paid.

Second, spousal support collection and child support collection usually occur simultaneously. Put another way, the party who is awarded spousal support will probably also receive child support. In light of this, if the divorce court says that the child support amount needs to be cut, the spousal support payment amount will also be reduced.

During a divorce proceeding, it is natural for both parents to feel concerned about how the court’s child support decision will affect them. Will one parent end up paying too much, or will the other parent end up not getting an adequate amount in support? An attorney in Texas can assist a divorcing spouse in seeking the outcome he or she desires based on the circumstances of the marital breakup.