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Child custody situations do not have to be acrimonious

Getting divorced can be challenging in many ways, especially if the two spouses must co-parent after the divorce has been finalized. Although some child custody situations and co-parenting relationships are relatively smooth, others can be plagued with acrimony. Still, some tips might help to make the co-parenting process easier for divorced couples in Texas.

First, it would behoove divorced parents to develop guidelines for their relationship as they enter the co-parenting phase. For instance, it might be helpful to establish boundaries that are clear, as well as engage in open dialogue as necessary. In addition, being consistent in how they parent and in the household rules they use in their homes is critical.

Second, using digital communication tools might help the two parents to avoid miscommunication as far as their and the children’s schedules are concerned. A custody calendar, for instance, may be used to track when the children have to be at certain events. Likewise, an expense tracker can be helpful for keeping up critical expense information that both parents need.

If possible, it is a good idea for parents who are going through to divorce to try to resolve their divorce issues, like child custody and visitation, outside of court. The reason for this is that coming up with a mutually satisfactory parenting agreement during negotiation or mediation is a lot less stressful for the entire family than litigating the issues in court. Of course, not all divorce issues can be resolved outside of court. In this situation, an attorney in Texas will be prepared to handle these issues with the goal of achieving an outcome that is in the client’s best interests.