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Discussing the benefits of a prenup with your future spouse

| Oct 9, 2019 | Uncategorized

Getting ready to tie the knot with the love of your life is certainly an exciting time. You may be trying to nail down final details about the big day and ensuring that everything will go as you hope. Of course, you know that you cannot predict the future and that unexpected events could happen at any time, but you do your best to prepare for those moments nonetheless.

Because you want to be prepared for certain possibilities, you have likely thought about creating a prenuptial agreement. If you are hesitating to bring up this subject with your soon-to-be spouse, it is understandable. After all, you do not want him or her to take the idea the wrong way and feel as if you do not trust your future spouse or that you expect the marriage to end.

Detail the benefits

You may want to approach the topic of creating a prenuptial agreement and taking other divorce-related measures from the mutual benefit perspective. After all, you love your future spouse and want the best for him or her now and in the future. You can explain how creating the agreement can ensure that you both understand how property could be divided in the event of a divorce and how it can work in both of your interests.

Additionally, if one of you has a considerable amount of debt, such as from student loans or business startup costs, you can indicate in your prenup that it does not become the responsibility of the other party. Having these expectations well ahead of time could bring some peace of mind, even if you never need to put your agreement into action.

Other precautions

You may also want to take the time to create a paper trail for any property you want to make sure remains your separate property. Generally, separate property is anything you accumulated before getting married, but it is not always easy to prove that something belonged to just you before you tied the knot. If you have receipts and financial records, you stand a better chance of proving your sole ownership if needed.

It can certainly be a touchy subject to bring up, but discussing divorce before getting married can have many benefits. If you would like more information on the available preparation options, you may want to discuss your concerns with a Texas attorney.