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Divorce remains a challenge for many despite falling divorce rate

The rate of marital dissolution appears to be on a downward trajectory across the United States, including in Texas. Research shows that divorce has receded during the past three decades. However, it remains enough of a challenge today that young adults especially are putting marriage on hold longer.

According to research, 40% of people’s first marriages end in marital breakups, and this figure is 60% for second marriages. Many young adults appear to be apprehensive about divorcing after experiencing their parents’ divorces firsthand. For this reason, they have a greater likelihood of remaining unmarried and instead cohabiting compared with other age groups. Unfortunately, researchers said that this can actually increase a person’s chances of getting divorced in the future.

Researchers also recently said that divorce is especially common among people who are less educated, poor or disadvantaged. These groups’ rates of divorce are upwards of 50%. In light of this, many individuals in these groups are choosing to have children before getting married, then get married later or avoid getting married altogether. However, having children outside of marriage can ultimately fuel high child poverty levels.

Just as marriage can be complex, divorce can be complicated from both a financial and an emotional standpoint. However, a family law attorney can help those who are going through divorce in Texas to address issues like asset distribution, child custody, child support and spousal maintenance. The attorney’s main aim is to make sure that the client’s best interests are upheld in all aspects of the divorce proceeding.