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Assuming household CFO role is necessary after divorce

Managing finances can understandably be tricky during any stage of life. However, it can be particularly challenging during and after the divorce process in Texas. Here are a couple of tips that may help divorcing individuals to successfully assume the role of chief financial officer during and following their marital breakups.

First, it is best to remain as calm and neutral as possible when tackling finances in divorce proceedings. This is because objective decisions are required to achieve a fair and comprehensive result, particularly when children are part of the mix. Staying calm may help to focus on using logic, rather than emotions, to address these important issues.

Second, divorcing individuals will need to take full control of their individual finances confidently for the best outcomes. For instance, it’s important to know how much money is pouring into the household each month, as well as how much is being spent. One consideration is to think about the best way to effectively save money and conserve assets. Financial professionals can typically offer insights about investments, current expenditures and future financial outlooks.

Hiring an attorney in Texas early on in the divorce process makes sense, as the attorney can provide guidance and ongoing support related to property division, spousal maintenance and other financial issues. For example, the attorney may suggest holding onto assets other than the family home, as opposed to accepting the expense and maintenance that goes along with keeping it. The attorney’s focus is to protect the client’s short and long-term interests while pursuing a beneficial result.