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Divorce settlement and trial are very different scenarios

When two people decide to get divorced in Texas, they have a couple of options. One, they could try to resolve their issues on their own through negotiation or an alternative dispute resolution process, such as mediation. Two, they could proceed to divorce trial. Here is a glimpse at what divorcing couples can expect in both situations when it comes to time and stress.

First, a divorce trial may take one year to complete, whereas the divorce settlement process could take just a few months. For this reason, if two divorcing individuals would like to complete the divorce process as rapidly as possible, settling outside of the court is the best option. However, if the two individuals doubt that they will be able to see eye to eye on divorce matters like child custody, it would be wise to simply move forward with divorce trial to avoid fruitless negotiations.

Second, divorce trial situations have a tendency to be more stressful when compared with completing a divorce settlement. The reason for this is that preparing for trial requires an immense amount of time and energy. Meanwhile, the settlement process is not as drawn out and is usually more amicable than going to trial.

Whether two divorcing individuals choose to settle their divorce out of court or go to trial, the process can understandably be overwhelming. However, an attorney in Texas can provide the guidance needed to pursue a personally favorable outcome in either situation. The attorney will strive to make sure that his or her client’s best interests are protected from start to finish.