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Parents going through divorce can help their children with it

The process of getting divorced can take a toll on the children. How they react to the divorce process ultimately depends on their personalities as well as how the divorce proceedings unfold. Here are some tips for helping to keep children as unscathed as possible by a divorce in Texas.

First, it make sense to tell the kids what’s going on before the divorce proceedings begin. Waiting until the divorce has been finalized may not give the children adequate time to process the changes they will be going through before they make the transition to post-divorce life. A child psychologist or family therapist may be able to offer guidance on the best way to address this with the children.

Typically, it’s critical to encourage the kids to express their feelings about the divorce honestly. It’s also best to try to avoid making the children feel as though their emotions are not legitimate. At the same time, the parents should strive to make sure their children understand the decision they have made and what the kids can expect going forward.

When it comes to child custody, it is generally best for the parents to come to an agreement on how they wish to handle custody and visitation. This can be done through mediation or direct negotiations, both of which tend to be less stressful than litigating the divorce in a Texas family court. Still, not all issues are easily resolvable, and an experienced attorney can help pursue an outcome that is ultimately in the client’s the children’s best interests.