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Employment issues and receiving support modifications in Texas

When there is an order of child support in Texas, it is based on statewide guidelines. People are expected to make the payments on time and in full. Still, there can be unexpected challenges that make it difficult to keep up with the payments. This can occur through no fault of the supporting parent. Understanding when changes to an employment situation can warrant a change to the support order is an important step to avoid facing allegations of delinquency and collection efforts such as wage garnishment.

The employment factors that can lead to a modification

A person who is obligated to pay child support is still expected to pay even if there is an employment issue. Job loss can be challenging and it is imperative that the paying parent – the obligor – calls the Office of the Attorney General to say what happened. The court is the only entity that can modify a payment order. Therefore, it is wise to keep making the payments until the situation can be assessed. The changes can be made to assist the custodial parent or the noncustodial parent.

People may not lose their job entirely, but they could take a pay cut leading to challenges with making ends meet and rendering the support order insufficient. Regardless of whether it is the custodial parent or the noncustodial parent, the order can be changed to reflect the new circumstances. People often ask if they can have the payments changed while they search for new employment after losing their previous job. It is rare that this is allowed, but there may be something the state can do to help. Those getting unemployment benefits and owe child support will have it deducted and sent to the custodial parent.

Legal help with modifications after employment issues

The state is not unsympathetic to the daily challenges people may face, especially now as a health situation is ongoing and causing people to lose employment or face a diminished income. For a support modifications from either the perspective of the supporting parent or the custodial parent, it is wise to have legal advice from the start. Contacting a qualified firm that has experience in these matters is the first step.