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Keeping your divorce out of court can save you money

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Divorce

There are many couples who refuse to settle quietly outside of court. Many people believe this is due to a natural desire for drama and conflict. However, the person may honestly believe that only a court will protect his or her rights. This can cause couples to spend more on divorce than if they chose mediation. 

The truth is that most people have issues they need to settle with the assistance of a neutral party. If one party does not consent to mediation, this can make going to court unavoidable. Business Insider estimates that this may cost each person an average of $15,000. 

Common marital factors that complicate divorces

To be clear, something is not inherently bad because it complicates the divorce process. For instance, the presence of children in a marriage is a blessing, but they do require additional arrangements to ensure both parents continue to make positive contributions to their lives. High assets also complicate divorces, but most couples would rather have too many assets to divide between them than too few. 

Here are some additional factors in a marriage that may complicate the divorce process: 

  • Minor children 
  • Large debt 
  • Jointly shared assets and debts 
  • Wide income differences 

Non-monetary costs of going to court

Before even factoring money into the equation, many parents who go to court find that it puts more stress on the familial relationship when children are present. As details of the marriage come out in court, it can also cost the couple a great deal of embarrassment. The more high-profile the couple, the more difficult it becomes to bury this information later. 

Forbes warns that another important cost to consider is time. Couples who choose to divorce by trial may spend up to a year working through the process. It may take months just to receive a trial date. When unavoidable, couples need to plan accordingly, if there are other life goals hampered by the divorce, such as marrying someone else.