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How can I explain divorce to my preschooler?

When you and your spouse realize that you can no longer remain married, you know that breaking the news to others can be a hard part of the process. From parents to joint friends and more, these conversations can be emotional.

When it comes to telling your kids about a divorce, things can be even more complicated in part because children will need to be told in ways that are appropriate to their ages and their stages of development.

The preschooler’s world

As explained by Today’s Parent, a preschooler has a limited ability to think about the world beyond what he or she directly experiences. When first telling a youngster in this age group about a divorce, the focus should be on concrete areas of his or her daily life. For example, you will want to explain who will pick the child up from school or who will read bedtime stories.

Repetition, repetition, repetition

A preschooler often learns by repetition and you should prepare yourself to essentially have the same conversation many times. You should also expect your child to ask the same few questions over and over again. Your patience during this process can help your young child come to terms with the new things they are experiencing every day and give them a sense of security.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give parents in Texas some ideas of how they may talk to their young children about a divorce so as to help them understand and adjust to the changes that a divorce brings.