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Advocating For You

Involving your children in custody decisions

Arranging custody with your spouse may create one of the biggest obstacles of your divorce in Texas. With so many moving pieces and parts that affect every person in the family, finding a functional arrangement will undoubtedly take time and flexibility.

If you desire to implement an agreement that will provide optimal benefits for everyone, especially your children, getting the input of your children can help you to make the best decisions.

Family Code Chapter 153

You may feel as though asking your children their custody preferences will enlighten you to help you make the right decision. While true, depending on the age of your children, getting their input about custody decisions is actually a matter of abiding by the law. According to texas.gov, Family Code Chapter 153 states that any child over the age of 12 can participate in making custody decisions.

This is not to say that the opinion of your children becomes the arrangement. However, the court will consider the input of your children in helping to form a custody arrangement that works within their best interest.

The power of involvement

Outside of honoring the law, involving your children in custody decisions can help them feel heard and valued. During a time of unprecedented change, knowing that you care about their opinions can provide incentive and comfort to your children.

Now more than ever, listening to them and answering their questions about the changes in your family is of utmost importance. Taking a team approach to problem solving can encourage everyone to participate and work toward finding a solution that everyone feels confident about.