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We Will Fight For Your Rights

Texas criminal law is complex and carries harsh penalties for those convicted of committing felony or misdemeanor crimes. As such, it is critical you have an attorney who can explain your rights and help you explore all available options when building your defense. The law offices of Sanchez & Farrar PLLC serve clients entangled in criminal law cases involving:

  • Warrants
  • 24-hour jail release
  • Family violence
  • Protective orders
  • Probation violations
  • Burglary
  • Assault
  • Theft by check
  • Possession of drugs and other controlled substances
  • Manufacturing of drugs and other controlled substances

Marco A. Sanchez was an adult probation officer for felony and misdemeanor offenders before he became a lawyer. During his six years as an officer, he gained a thorough understanding of the different levels and processes involved in probation. His prior experience is an asset to clients as he can clearly explain your rights while on probation and has established relationships with other Texas probation officers.

Every Moment Counts In A Criminal Case

While the justice system says that all are innocent until proven guilty, even the implication of illicit or criminal actions can permanently damage your reputation, livelihood and relationships with others. You need attorneys who can begin working quickly when called upon for help. The prosecution starts gathering evidence against you from the moment you are arrested or indicted, and there are deadlines you must adhere to if you hope to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed. Attorneys Marco A. Sanchez and Jessica C. Farrar can review the details of your case, outline the Texas criminal process and how it applies to your individual circumstances, and help you decide which course of action to pursue.

Are You Facing Criminal Charges? Call Today.

Our criminal defense law firm has offices in New Braunfels and Austin. Please make an appointment to meet with Mr. Sanchez and Ms. Farrar to discuss your case. Sanchez & Farrar PLLC has the passion and legal aptitude needed to aggressively pursue justice for those accused of violating Texas laws.

We offer initial consultations for $60 to criminal defense clients and are available for evening or weekend appointments in emergency situations. Contact our firm online or at (512) 518-1584 to speak to Mr. Sanchez, Ms. Farrar or a member of our team. We regularly serve individuals in Travis, Harris and Bexar counties.

¿Ud. habla español? Sanchez & Farrar PLLC has bilingual staff members available to assist our clients in criminal and civil matters.