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Experienced Help For Child Custody Issues

At Sanchez & Farrar PLLC, our attorneys recognize how overwhelming custody issues can seem. Parents want what is best for the children so you are worried and fearful of the future. We can help reassure that, as challenging as your life feels at that moment, the situation will improve.

We will walk you through each element of the custody determination, explain what the strange terms mean and strive to reach an order that will work best for your child. One of our attorneys is a formal social worker and one has spent 23 years in the Texas legislature working on many of these issues.

The Complexities Of Child Custody In Texas

Child custody in Texas is complicated, even when simply trying to explain the term. The terminology is different. A parent is granted a “conservatorship,” which can be a joint or sole managing conservatorship. Conservatorship governs a parent’s say in important decision-making for the child, such as their religious upbringing, where they attend school, and health care decisions.

Additionally, with a joint or sole managing conservatorship, one of the parents will decide where the child lives. This parent is known as the custodial parent. As part of the divorce decree, the possession schedule contained within the decree will detail the schedule of visitation for the noncustodial parent.

What Is A Standard Possession Order?

A standard possession order describes the child’s time with his or her parents. If the parents can agree, they can divide the child’s time however they like. If they cannot agree, the court will impose a statutory schedule if the parents live within 100 miles of each other. If they live further apart, there are additional changes, with the noncustodial parent possibly having less time during a month but more time during the summer break.

Modified Possession Orders

If the standard possession order does not work, there are modified possession orders that are available, employing alternating weeks, split weeks, alternating weekends, day visits or no overnights. We help you determine the possession order that will work best for your child. This is important, as this order will control much of your day-to-day life and that of your children until they become adults or you need a modification.

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We can help with all the important details of child conservatorships in Texas. To speak with our lawyers, call our office or use our online form.

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